Truro MS

Truro is designed to manage vast quantites of documents and to ease the complex nature of running of a property development project. With the ability to plan meetings, track actions and view these events via the diary, the communication between the many different companies and organisations became a lot more efficient.

 Document confidentiality can be achieved by grouping people into teams. Amongst its many features there the following:
  •  Setup meetings
  •  Keep track of important actions
  •  View up coming events via the diary
Key Features
  • Meetings - You can set up a meeting with multiple attendees. Documents, meeting and actions can be attributed to the meeting and attendees can easily access this information before the meeting takes place
  • Actions - An actions allows you to keep track of people who have yet to completed their part of the action
  • Diary - Clearly displays the next set of actions / meetings and access details by the links provided
  • Searching - The powerful search tool allows members to quickly find the information they require
  • Reminder List - The user can add any item to their reminder list, so important documents are quickly to hand. They can also assigne these items to an action, meeting or a document
  • Emails - All emails issued by the system are recorded and can be re-sent or forwarded
  • Documents - Documents of any size and most types can be uploaded. Each download of a document is recorded and can be viewed via the document record