The Property Manager System (PMS) is a VB.NET application designed to keep track of bookings for the holiday cottage industry.  It uses the Janus controls for the grid, timeline and layout. This makes the application very flexible and user friendly. The application uses a MS SQL 2000 database which is replicated to a central server. Multiple property owners can use the system and all their booking information is kept seperate from each other.

The PMS allows the property owner to create bookings using a drag and drop feature on the timeline. From there the owner can apply discounts, choose the payment currency and adjust the commission on the booking. The guest details can be entered here and details of staff who look after the property, such as cleaners, maintenance or security can also be adjusted on this screen.
The application calcualtes the deposit required and automatically applies any late availability discounts. The owner can add extras which the guest has purchased during their stay or add special extras which are applied to the discounts of the booking.

The application produces a wide range of reports, which include the following:

  • Financials - break down per booking/property includes discounts, amount taken
  • Occupancy - Details the usage of hte properties and the moeny lost/gained
  • Housekeeping - Provides a list of bookings requiring attention
  • Accounting - Shows the export information to be used in SAGE
  • Guests - Provides a quick look at guest details including what is in their guest account.
  • Bookings - Lists the bookings details such as guest names, costs, payments etc.


The owner can produce documents using the mailmerge feature. These documents can be receipts, details of the booking and status of payments.

Payments can be made in a different currency to the booking. The application allows the owner to decide when to update hte exchange rate. Full financial tracking is available and everything is broken down by a daily amount. This make the reports more refined and accurate.