The Property Manager System is a VB.NET application to keep track of bookings for holiday cottages. It uses a MS SQL 2000 database which is replicated to a central server and a number of different clients can use the application without interfering with each other. It exports account information to accounts packages and handles multi-currency payments, discounts, commissions and a wide range of reports.
The Furry Tails Rescue site was developed using Drupal 7 and the Omega theme. The site allows users to upload and manage their dogs for adoption. Pictures and videos can be added to the dog's details and once a dog has been adopted all they need to do is just set a flag.
Furry Tails Rescue
This project allows boat manufacturers and resellers to advertise and search for boats at a trade level. the site requires companies to register their interest in using the site. Once accepeted each company can add their own trade members and manage their sales and purchases. The trading process is fully automated, with invoices and credit notes being generated for different countries and currencies. Companies can monitor progress of sales, review past purchases and keep track of financial commitments.
T2T Boats
This is an on-line document and project management system. It allows members to upload large documents, arrange meetings and set out action plans with automatic email notification. A diary helps members to keep track of meetings and actions. They can also use a reminder list to hold their most important information. With quick search facilities and full email tracking the systems allows members to find information quickly.